Permanent disable ethernet on RPI 1 B

Welcome. i am using Raspberry PI 1 B with USB 2.0 DAC TEAC UD-501 a i have serious sound glitches a random pops / clicks, i know what cause problem … shared ETHERNET/ USB controller, please how completely turn off or disable ethernet interface / driver for using full bandwidth of USB bus.

Im using Volumio 2.457

Is this riaght command for this ?

echo 1-1.1:1.0 > /sys/bus/usb/drivers/smsc95xx/unbind

Yes ok, but then how do you control Volumio without network connectivity?

Direct with the USB mouse and installed touch screen plugin…

After restart interface ethernet is again working, hot to set the parameter permanently ?

My new problem is high CPU usage of installed chrome browser in plugin TOUCH SCREEN !!, almost 60 percent usage…, is possible downgrade the or replace by some lightweight browser, volumio interface is so simple …

This is your problem: local touchscreen with PI 1 is really asking too much to the hardware.
Short answer: get yourself a PI3B+ :wink:

RPI 3B doesn’t share same controller for USB/ETHERNET ? Is this solved?