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Templates width: 640x480

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Round: 640x480 (371.2 KB)

Grey Bar: 640x480 (917.7 KB)

Grey Bar Vertical: 640x480 (1.1 MB)

round-stereo: 640x480 (196.1 KB)

Thanks @dvo , for cleaning up the bgr and fgr image.

Is there a chance that you could make the round-stereo skin for 800x480 resolution.
I really like it!
Best Regards / C

No, they only one who does that is @Gelo5. I only do it for screen sizes that I own.

ok, thanks!

round-white: 640x480 (361.5 KB)

round-white-stereo: 640x480 (178.0 KB)

bright-blue-mono: 648x480

image (41.4 KB)

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White-Red_Vertical: 640x480 (39.1 KB)

Crazy number 2 :drum:

Yeah, but this is the last.
Such darn small screen, which I got left from ripping a DAB+ radio apart.

You broke the radio to make a skin? Well, well - that’s sacrifice

No broke the radio, because it had an allergic reaction to the internet radio. If you turned it on it started to stutter. That part has been resolved now :slight_smile:

Horizontal-bar: 640x480 (2.1 KB)