Peppymeter Freezes after a Few Minutes Use on x86

So after a bit of searching about PeppyMeter freezing on my Dell Wyse 3040 x86. I discovered a thread on this thread on January 25, 2023 @peppy.player posted a solution to \var\log\mpd.log being overrun with several strange characters and filling the log. It turns out that this is what was frreezing my PeppyMeter. So the fix is to edit the /etc/asound.conf file and set meter_show to 0.

My question is… HOW do you make the changes to asound.conf persist after a reboot? Any help @Wheaten would be appreciated. I know it’s not an official plugin on x86.

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If I am correct you need to modify the template:

Thank you for the tip. I don’t have a miscellanea directory. How can I find the location of the .tmpl file?

I found the “asound.conf.tmpl” file here: /home/volumio/Install_peppy

You need to find the installed version in this folder structure. The location you gave is the installer itself.

There is no subfolder for peppy in my plugins. Oh well, I leave it on 24/7. So only have to update the asound.conf file after a power outage. Thanks anyway.

aha.Think it lives here: /volumio/app/plugins/audio_interface/alsa_controller/asound

Mine was freezing too, so i set the show to 0 in the template file (was at 1)…now the screen just goes blank