Peppy freeze - music and screen

Volumio 3.390 on a pi, just found the peppymeter and love it, not sure how I broke things.

Now when I start up it goes right into peppymeter, and even if I touch the screen it doesn’t exit. Peppymeter works fine (playing music using volumio app on another device), but after a few songs the song freezes and it doesn’t play.


please disable FusionDSP. Fusion and peppy don’t work together

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Thanks. They may have stopped the freezing issue.

But I can’t get back to my play screen with it on. Maybe I’m misunderstanding the tool. Is it meant to be always on, or just a screen saver? If always on, do I no longer get to control my Volumio from the touch screen?

Did you put mouse support on?
If yes, then reflash the SD and begin from the start. And only install Touch display and Peppy_meter. Nothing else.

Ok, started over. Flashed a new installation on the SD drive. Only installed Touch display and Peppy. No change.


  1. Every now and then peppy’s needle stops moving
  2. I can’t get out of peppy to the regular screen. If I touch the screen, nothing happens.

Here’s a new log file, in case that helps: