PecanPi/Volumio/Tidal-Connect: How do I play (and where are) 24bit/192kHz flac from Volumio Tidal-Connect?

Can somebody point me to a 24bit/192k file on Tidal, either through the native Tidal Android app to Volumio Connect or directly using the Volumio interface (PC or Android) and Volumio/Tidal-connect so I can test??

If I play for example Joey Alexander’s album “ORIGIN” on the native Tidal Android (which uses the same Volumio/Tidal-Connect set up on my DAC) , which is designated “Max” it only plays 44kHz/16bit**?

If I play the same track from Volumio (PC or Android) Tidal-Connect and it is designated “flac” it only plays at 44kHz/16bit ?

Where are the 24bit/192kHz files?
My DAC does not support MQA but does support up to 24/192

I am sure I am missing something really simple and maybe a setting?

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Should state the obvious, but I assume you have Tidal Hi-Fi plus?
I did a search and there are a few playlists: Mostly boring music so you’re not missing out on much. (ps. Buena Vista Social Club (25th Ed) sounds good in 96kHz.

If you click on the yellow text MAX | FLAC it will toggle or show the currently playing bitrate.
I think buffering becomes an issues, personally I think 24Bit 96kHz is good enough.

Besides the above question from G-rig, have you updated Volumio to the latest version 3.569 so you have the support for Tidal Hi-res?

Ciao, anche io ho lo stesso problema, mi spiego:

premetto che ho aggiornato anche io alla versione 3.569 e che sono abbonato Tidal hifi plus.
Usando la funzione Tidal connect, da pc o da smartphone android, Volumio riproduce correttamente il flusso hires alla reale risoluzione. Il problema inizia invece quando utilizzo Tidal direttamente dal plugin di Volumio, infatti qualunque album hires provo, viene riprodotto a 44 o 48khz e non mi so spiegare il perchè.

Tidal FLAC from Volumio is not enabled yet, it will be done soon with an update on Volumio server side.

Thank you for the reply

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Use Tidal app and choose sound output Tidal Connect/Volumio. Works well (Allo Boss 1.2).
You can verify 24/192 opening Volumio player.

Hi and thank you for your reply!

I dont have a “Tidal Connect/Volumio”?
I can go to the song in Tidal and select the little “speaker” icon (lower-left) and re-direct the audio from “This Device” to my DAC/Tidal Connect…this is probably the same thing… so yes that is what I do. My DAC does not play MQA but I have it set as though it has MQA and I get the little yellow “MQA” but when I look at the playing resolution in Volumio interface for the same song it reports "48 KHz 24 bit. I’ve never seen 24/192. But what others are saying is that 24/192 is not really available yet?

Might be that there are not so much 24/192 material yet.
Try this anyway

Tidal FLAC is already available with Tidal connect, streaming the song from a smartphone/PC to the Volumio device with the Tidal app

Tidal FLAC is not available yet if you play the song directly from Volumio (native Tidal)

please make sure the app on your smartphone/PC us up-to-date, only the latest versions support Tidal FLAC

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Thanks everyone :clap::clap:I re-flashed Volumio 3.569/latest on my Orchard Audio DAC and can now 24bit/192kHz streaming is working from the Tidal android app!

Thank you again & hope all is well.

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