PecanPi® DAC / Streamer Rev 3.0

I am proud to announce the release of Rev 3.0 of my award winning PecanPi® product line.

The PecanPi Streamer is a networked music player with build-in DAC and headphone amplifier.
The PecanPi DAC is high-performance DAC for the RaspberryPi and Tinker Board, this is for DIYer and tinkers.

With Rev 3.0 the big change is the availability of an S/PDIF input.
The S/PDIF input has an automatic switch over that takes audio from the S/PDIF connection when there is a valid signal. When no valid signal is available on the S/PDIF interface the device defaults back to taking streaming data.
With Rev 3.0 the linear regulator have also been upgraded to use lower noise parts.

The audio performance remains the same as with previous versions.

Additional Details can be found on my website here:

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