Pb with Volumio & Upnp Server / as renderer with BubbleUpn


I create this topic after my ask : volumio-upnp-renderer-not-visible-can-see-upnp-server-t2108.html
Some other guys have a similary problem i see :

So to resume :

  • BubbkeUpnp is a player Upnp on android and now in V1.51 it don’t see Volumio as renderer (it seems to be ok with V1.4)
  • On volumio player, we don’t see Upnp Server to choose music.

So it seems that the Upnp have a problem ?

After many reboot, the redenrer is OK. But i can’t see the UPnP Servers on the network on volumio player… Not yet…

The renderer sometime don’t be visible on controler. A reboot is necessary. Perhaps a configurable delay must be set at the start ?