Pb Volumio3 UPNP and JRiver

Since I upgraded to version 3.198 Volumio is no longer recognized by JRiver as a UPNP reader. However, I have activated UPNP renderer in the source settings.
Do you have the same problem as me, and what is the solution to this problem?

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Same with other players. McConnect or Bubble. It is announced they will solve it with next update. For Raspberry still nothing happened…

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That’s beta right? Hopefully the regular update will follow quickly.

Yes it is

I wish people would not discuss beta versions in the help section, please move those to development.
It just adds more confusion while the Volumio Team is working hard on fixing problems.

Just got Jriver and Volumio upnp is not showing up for me with official release… does this mean this issue made it out of the beta?