Pb of bits rate on Spotify connect2


I am just starting with Volumio with a Raspberry 3

I have a question about Spotify connect2 plugin. I have input my spotify user Id and password to enable high quality in volumio in the both plugin Spotify and Spotify connect ( 320Kb)

  • I have configured Connect2 with Bitrate 320kbps as shown on the snap configuration.jpg joined.
  • If i use spotify Apps and connect to Volumio ( spotify connect) and have a look in the volumio web interface i have the bitrate to 44.1 Kbps like shown on bitrate_connect.jpg
  • If i use the volumio Android app under Android and play a music i have the regular 320kbps as shown on spotifyvolumio.jpg

What is the reason ? where is my mistake ?
Thanks in advance for your answer
Have a nice week

The bit rate isn’t the same as the sample rate… Both plugins are using the same spot in the UI to show you different information.
The source of the confusion is because the Spotify (normal) plugin uses the samplerate to show you the bitrate . The Spotify Connect plugin shows you the samplerate i.e 44.1KHz.
Related issue: github.com/volumio/volumio-plugins/issues/439


Thanks for your answer i have understood.

I have another questions.

I bought an AUDIOPHONICS I-Sabre LTE DAC ES9023 Raspberry Pi A+ B+ 2.0 / 3.0 I2S and activate it by using the Audiophonics i-Sabre ES9028Q2M

It works fine but :

  • Volume doesn’t work anymore. It is fix when i launch from Volumio Spotify plugin 2.0.2

  • Spotify connect2 doesn’t work. I can see it in the devise from my Spotify app on my Android phone but i can’t connect. If i change the output device to Jack it works again.

Do you have an idea ?
Thanks for your answer :wink:

ess9023 does not provides hardware mixer. You can use Software mixer if you want to set the volume.
Generic DAC should be ok as setting (to be checked though)

What @balbuze said ;=) you need to set the DAC type to Hifiberry DAC or Generic DAC

Have a look at this for (a lot more) info github.com/balbuze/volumio-plugins/issues/269
The reason why it fails to start is because it looks like the AUDIOPHONICS I-Sabre LTE DAC ES9023 DAC isn’t being set up correctly and not reporting that it has no mixer.
This leads to an undefined mixer type from Volumio:

And then the daemon fails to start…


Thanks a lot for your answer. I managed the problem and now it works.

Last question :

The Dac provide various sample rates. 44k 48k 96k 192k etc…

How do you manage this ? are you using a fix one or are you using the max of the DAC ?

Have a nice day

it output 44.1kHz and there is no interest or possibility to upsample it easily