Pathos Acoustics HiDAC

Hi all

New to the forum :smiley: Have Raspberry Pi 2 running, Volumio installed. Connectivity to my NAS (Netgear fine and reading well).

However, where I am struggling is with the connection to my Pathos Acoustics Classic Remix with HiDAC.

  1. If I look at the drivers (Windows Vista), it mentions HiPort USB to I2S interface.
  2. Plays perfectly through Foobar2000 using said drivers, under WASAPI.
  3. Under Volumio - it does not list the Pathos DAC as an option when plugged in through USB.
  4. aplay only mentions the ALSA option for card 0
  5. RP 2 receiving 5V 2A.
  6. Burr Brown 1793 chipset

Any ideas? I would really like to use this DAC rather than having to go another option.