Partially scanned Music Libray on Odroid C2 + volumio 2.002

Dear All,

I have an issue with partially scanned Music Library from the CIFS NAS. The scan hangs up between 2500 - 3000 songs. Previous version of volumio ( around 0,9 - i don’t remember exactly the version) scanned completely my music library, without hanging up.
When hanging up happen i lost the web user interface. ( shutdown or reboot i can do only via ssh)
Spotify plugin and web radios looks / works ok.

The configuration :

  • Odroid C2

  • volumio 2.002 (15-10-2016) downloaded, flashed to SD card

  • mounts do not have any options set, just username and password

  • NAS is HP Pro Liant MicroServer running nas4free version - Pilingitam (rev 2987)

  • shares on nas are cifs/smb, using SMB3 protocoll.

Any idea ?