Parametric Eq or Fusion DSP for Volumio 3 on Volumio Primo

Is there any way to install these on volumio Primo running v3?

I tried Parametric Eq (volparametrieq) plugin but, although it installs, when I enable it it gives an error saying that: alsa error, cannot find volumio alsa device.

The fusion DSP I cannot see how to install it on Primo.

Any help?

Paulo Nunes

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I don’t know you managed to install parametric Eq, but please don’t! It can’t work on Volumio 3!
FusionDsp beta is available if you enable plugin test mode in IP/dev.
But you may encounter sound dropout. We are working on a fix, near to be ok… :wink:
Last point, I close this thread. Report in the dedicated FusionDsp thread.

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