Package Update Schedule?

I’m just now checking out volumio for the first time, running version 2.565. I see in the docs an OTA updater is used and the use of apt package manager is discouraged. Could anyone tell me how often packages get updated and what prompts incorporation of newer package versions? For example, the latest stable version of shairport-sync is 3.2.2 but on my volumio image it is running 3.0.2. From what I can tell, the latest version in the stable debian repo is 2.8.6 so doesn’t seem to be in sync with that either.

Packages tend to be updated when there is an advantage to doing so, not simply doing because there is a newer version. This reduces work load and minimises potential conflicts. You are welcome to make the case for updating a package if you think it has benefits for Volumio.

If you are running a RPi then the packages will come from Raspbian rather than Debian.

Thanks for that. I understand, was just curious.
As for shairport-sync, I think the maintainer of the project himself makes a great case for updating in his excellently documented changelogs on github. He’s on release candidate 2 for version 3.3 right now so I’d say when that hits the master branch it would make sense for Volumio to update as there are a lot of significant improvements.