Pablo aus Spanien von Deutschland

Good news everyone!

Today I became a member of this, our tiny, but ever growing community of audiophiles, who love Doing It Oneself.

My name is Pablo, I am originally from Spain, but I have been living abroad, in Germany for almost 4 years now. Wow!

Why did I join? Well, for months I had this Rpi 2 at home, with no more than Raspbian installed in it and Shairport, but I was always looking for something better. What is this improvement you were seeking, you may ask? Long story short, I am the proud owner of a FiiO Andes and a decent (imo) HiFi system (Epos K1 + Cambridge Audio Topaz SR10).

The problem starts, when every time I need to play music from my library, my computer needs to be connected to the FiiO. Additionally, that every time I need to skip to the next song (or any just play another album), I need to do it manually.

So here I am, a proud owner of a Rpi 2 running Volumio 2 RC1, and willing to learn more about its capabilities.

Vielen gracias! (Thanks!)