Hi there folks !
I am a total noob to Pi and coding ….
I recently bought my Raspi 3b+ and wanted to make music player out of it so my friends can turn on some music.
( i do not have a touchscreen) so need to use mouse and keyboard so far.
But following the information on the index page is not what is presented to me…
I need to add a password so tried volumio / volumio and am presented with another command line and no a clue how to continue or what to do.
is there a tutorial for pre schoolers please ?

How are you planning on playing music through the Pi ? Through a USB connected drive ? You don’t need a keyboard, either connect through a browser or through the Volumio app on a phone. It’s a bit of a process, creating a playlist with you albums/live show tracks, etc, but once you have it, Browse > select the connected drive, select the Album/live show, and Add to Queue of click Play.

@Clueless Please have a read of the documentation linked to in my signature. You don’t access the GUI directly on the device, but rather remotely from a mobile/PC/tablet/laptop … any device that can run a browser.

Hello Chisims1,
I want to run Volumio on Linux. Do I need to have Linux loaded first (Ubuntu or???) or can I simply load Volumio on a blank disc? No where does this site or your startup instructions give specific directive about how to do this. Please advise?


As Chrism1 said https://volumio.github.io/docs/index.html

Pointing me to generic link that is inconclusive doesn’t help at all. I need, and Volumio needs to detail specific instructions about how to install this software on various devices. Specifically a generic Intel NUC, not just a RasPI or some other customized device. Please!

Hmm - like volumio.org/get-started/

Hmm yep, just like that…