Overheating Issue RasPi 3 with Pi-DigiAmp+ and Pi-Case+

Using a Raspberry 3 with IQaudIO PiDigiAmp+ and Pi-Case+ and a 7" Waveshare touch display (connected but not attached) I always see the firmware over temprerature warning (80-85°C) when running Volumio with a volume of 30. I have removed the two sides of the case (the ones without connectors) and now the over temperature warning disappeared. Did someone experience the same issue? Are there any better solutions? Or is there a hardware issue and I need to contact the vendor?

IMHO this is an unfortunate combination:

  • Running the browser on the pi (touchscreen plugin) requires lot of computing power
  • Having the amp on top decreases air flow, so there is no heat dissipation
  • The amp itself may produce lot of heat when used with hard-to-drive speakers

You can add a fan to mitigate the issue IMHO, or disable the touchscreen plugin