Output to another raspberry

I’m totally new to this so please excuse me if my question doesnt make sense.
I’d like to stream music at home over WiFi, starting from a RaspberryPi having the music on a USB dongle.
Up to this, it seems this project is perfect for me.
What I’m not sure about is which kind of output is supported.
From the presentation I see that after the server is running, by typing volumio.local/ on your Device’s browser you should be able to use it, but which devices are supported?

As an example, my perfect use case would be to control the music from the server, and use a second RaspberryPi, setting its output to a loudspeaker. Can it be done?

Why not simply control the second Rpi?
The first with usb dongles shares your music,and the second use it as source for the music.

Of course, I just prefer to have just one Rpi with a display/keyboard so I thought it would be the one with the music on the USB.
The other would be just a dummy one, used to provide WiFi connection to the loudspeaker.

the 2nd one you control with the Volumio app. no need for a screen or keyboard?

To maybe clarify a little more, you can “see & control” all Volumio devices running on your network from a single browser display of the Volumio UI. This is what I see in my browser at the IP address of the device in my kitchen (after I’ve clicked the ‘devices’ icon in the bottom right of the screen. If I was to click on the study device, then I would be able to see and control what was playing there etc.

I’d like to have a central control system, and to decide from there to which room to stream the music, to individual loudspeakers WiFi connected thanks to slave RPi’s.
Once the slave RPi is WiFi connected, I don’t think I have to issue other commands from it, right?

You don’t need a central control system to control what is played individually at each device, BUT if you want to simultaneously stream the same music to different devices (you didn’t actually say that you want this) then you can try the Snapcast plugin.

Thank you chsims1, to clarify: I want to stream either one of two possible locations (not simultaneously).

Remaining doubt, if you can help me: what do I have to install on the slave RPi?
thank you!

Two RPis, each with Volumio installed … one in each room you want to play your music.

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