my setup:
-raspberry PI3B+
-Free Volumio 3.449

I want to use the raspberry’s HDMI output with a soundbar that has an
HDMI CEC input to turn on the soundbar when I’m listening to my music.

I have not found a recent topic since December 2022 on this subject.

I also did not find a plugin in VOLUMIO to set the CEC of the HDMI output.

In May 2022 the topic: CEC Enable on HDMI Elis from Volumio talked
about an update on this subject.

can you tell me where the progress is for the use of the CEC
of the HDMI socket of the raspberry PI3 B+.

thanks in advance.

can you plug in the headphone jack into your soundbar, I’m fairly sure the HDMI is just visual and not audio.

thank you for your reply.
the HDMI of the speaker has the ARC function to recover the sound coming from a television set but also the CEC function for switching it on and off.
I want to use the HDMI input of the speaker from the HDMI of my RPI 3B+ with the CEC function so that the speaker turns on when I play to listen to a radio or music or when the alarm function broadcasts a radio station at a scheduled time, and that the speaker goes back to standby when I stop.
ideally it would be nice to be able to set a delay for the pause function
I will use the speaker’s optical input to listen to sound from my TV.