output DSD on HDMI (2.0 and 5.1) on raspberry pi2?

Hi all,
Is volumio capable of outputting bit perfect DSD on the HDMI port of the raspberry pi2?
My Sony receiver is capable of getting DSD as such, like from a SACD or Bluray player. I do that with my SACD disks without problem from a Sony Bluray player.

Would love to be able to do it from dsf/dff files (and one day iso maybe…).

Every version of mpd I have tried so far converts the DSD to PCM on the HDMI.

Thanks for any help on that if it’s possible.

Bumping this up in case.

I am still looking for a way to output bit perfect DSD via HDMI (2.0 at least, and hopefully 5.1 too).

that’s the only way to do that with my Sony receiver.
Like many receivers, it doesn’t have a USB port to let use its DAC from any computer.

Due to EDID restrictions I severely doubt that RPI can output audio higher than 48Mhz on its HDMI.