Out of home access

I’m a very happy Superstar user for while now, though I’d like to access my library out of home. At the moment I have Volumio on a Pi4B with DAC2 HD HAT plugged into my main system. It’s sublime. But I want to take my tunes into the car, coffee shop, office etc. Is this possible any way now? Like with Plexserver and Plexamp.

If not, does anyone know if it is planned?

I don’t think volumio is really meant for such stuff.

Perhaps plug the drive containing your music in your network(forget volumio), and use whatever software that can play them from there while you are not in the home.

I did try Plexamp with a free month trail. Quite nice. Seems to cover the possibilities offered by Volumio as well. I am loyal to Volumio, but there is a risk lost customers if this missing feature is not provided.