Our biggest launch is happening now!

Hey guys! The time has finally come!

Our biggest launch ever is here!
We are soooo thrilled to announce that Integro, Rivo and Primo are now available for purchase :confetti_ball:

VOLUMIO INTEGRO: Volumio Integro | Volumio

Price: €1199
Shipping & Delivery: 2-5 business days
Volumio Premium included

VOLUMIO PRIMO: Volumio Primo | Music Player and Streamer


Price: €799
Shipping & Delivery: 2-5 business days
Volumio Premium included

VOLUMIO RIVO: Volumio Rivo | Volumio


Price: €989
Shipping & Delivery: End of November
Limited Quantities!
Volumio Premium included

We are so happy to finally share this great news with you and please, let us know if you have questions about our products.
In the meantime, Happy Shopping from the Volumio Team!


Such good looking products!

I looked at the Rivo manual, but it does not address a question that I have: does the Rivo stream DSD files, preferably as native files but at least as DoP?

It at least says so in the specs on the link (scroll down to the bottom of the page)

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Impressive spec. Thank you for pointing this out.

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Congrats on the hard work. These are not for me because I like a tube buffer in my DAC and an LCD screen for my streamer, but they look great for plug and play HiFi.

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of course the USB DAC must be capable of doing so

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Finally got some logic in place.
Company is Italian, the gear sounds Italian, so is it Italian…:
Primo => First (makes sense)
Rivo => Streaming (makes sense too)
Integro => Intact? Whole? That’s what I would expect?

What is the proper translation for Integro?

Whole would be the closest :wink:

Amplificatore Integrato → Integrated Amplifier

Then, there’s also a subtle meaning, integro also means “honest” , which is what we wanted it to be :wink:


Close to Dutch Integer = (Honest)
But indeed, integrato as being an integrated gear, integro is way easier to pronounce.

Thanks for the feedback!

How do you control what is output to the connected HDMI TV?
Can I use any resolution TV from small 7" to larger 24" TV?

This is the primary draw for Rivo for me; of course, top-notch USB audio out and Tidal-Connect also.