OSA Electronics - Dacberry - SHOP OFF?

Hello friends,

I haven’t heard from OSA Electronics ( https://www.osaelectronics.com ) for a long time. An order from February (Dacberry NTB) was not delivered. Emails will not be replied too. I write that so that you are warned and prefer to inquire beforehand.

I hope OSA Electronics comes back soon. The products are very innovative and the contact was very nice. The support for Volumio and also for the soundcheck was incredible. It would be a loss.
:pray: :thinking: Best , jens

I’m afraid Jens is totally right. This company is a fake. They do not deliver orders and do not replay any inquiries or messages.
I think my my money is lost. There are several other complaints on other forums. It is really sad that quite good products are not really available and as I see several people was waiting for nothing after placing order and paying for these goods.
Best regards,

Oh well
I wasn’t really enthusiastic about these products - a lot was a bad design …
And bad documentation