Orchard Audio - PecanPi® Streamer Ultra

Introducing the PecanPi® Streamer Ultra!!!

What is it?
It is our very highly reviewed PecanPi® Streamer (https://orchardaudio.com/pecanpi) with a built-in DAC, headphone amplifier, and the addition of a 5" touchscreen. All enclosed in a 14 gauge steel case that will be painted black.

  • The front of the unit will feature the 5", TFT, 800x480 pixel display.
  • The back of the unit will have all the connections; Ethernet, USB, XLR, etc.

Dimensions: 190 x 120 x 95mm (7.5 x 4.75 x 4in)
Weight: 2 to 2.5kg (4.4 to 5.5lb)

I am currently taking $50 deposits as a reservation for these. Full info here:

The PecanPi® Streamer Ultra will retail for $850. Everybody who makes a deposit will get $150 off the retail price once the product launches. The deposit also guarantees that your unit will be the first to ship in time for the holiday season.


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Why so expensive? I am sure there is a premium there but for what?

Mainly the cost is in the DAC and the custom case.

I am a small manufacturer and I also need to cover the costs of:

  • advertising
  • stocking
  • engineering
  • testing
  • etc

I wish I could manufacture these in the thousands than the cost would be much lower.

Please also remember this is a full plug and play solution, all configured and ready to go.

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I think you should try kickstarter or indiegogo to raise what you want and maybe reduce the cost. They are people go nuts with such projects.

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Very nice, Leo.

I assume the screen is a Waveshare 5" DSI version?


Not that one, but very similar.

I have received 9 out of 10 deposits needed to start manufacturing this product.

To make deposit go here:

Ten (10) deposits have been made, the deposit window will be open until 10/15/2020, up to a maximum of 25 deposits.

Another great review for the PecanPi product line.

Save 15% during our holiday sale, through December 10th.


Use code “holiday15%” at checkout.

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Get your tasty aural treats, while supplies last. Sale ends December 10th.

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