optional non-responsive UI with fixed screen solution


I integrated Volumio as an IFRAME in my home automation system.

Volumio is not using the complete browser window. It is loaded in an iframe
This works fine with many browsers under windows but only with few browsers under android
(actually only chrome displays it correctly).

I guess that the reason for that is that responsive volumio tried to adapt to the full screen not to the iframe size

Therefore it would be nice to have a settings field which optionally forces a fixed user selectable sreen resolution
(i.e. one checkbox “fixed screen resolution instead of non responsive UI” and 2 fields “height/pixel” “width/pixels”


You would be forcing that for every device that connects to the webui. I don’t think that many people will use this or have the same issue as you do.

Could it be that the iframe solution isn’t the best way to show multiple webpage’s in a single window? To be honest I don’t really know if there’s any other way that works better. I only know that before iframe, frameset was used for basically the same.

But more on the helping side, volumio 2 should support more Api’s to get commands from so you could make your own page that sends the commands. This could be just one page with nothing more than a play/pause button.

Yes of course.

I don’t know.

My home automation Web UI leaves this as the only option.

Also, I think that this should be rather easy to implement.
(although I am not able to do so)

When will Volumio2 come ?

The answer to when volumio 2 would be released (out of alpha ) is answered in the posts following the question here: introducing-volumio-t3169-120.html#p16803

But there is an alpha built available (see linked topic.)