Option to use Squeezelite as the player

Hi - I am keen to try Volumio which looks a great development.

I use Squeezelite on Linux as my player and think it gives better sound quality than MPD which appears to be the embedded player in Volumio.

Would it be possible to include Squeezelite as an optional player in Volumio?
That way users could compare and decide which one suits them better.

Many thanks



I installed Squeezelite client on ma volumio… It seems ton work, but I prefer Volumio :wink:
I wrote my problèms on a french forum :
forum.hardware.fr/hfr/Hardware/m … 22_257.htm

If you want some details, don’t hésitate to ask me.

I follow these steps to install squeezeplug :
raspberrypi.org/phpBB3/viewt … 38&t=25778

Good luck :wink:

somewhat easier to follow and Volumio specific tutorial incase someone is interested :slight_smile: