Option to output audio as mono..

Hi guys, I know this is potentially against everything that audiophiles live for, however, how about a simple Web-UI button to switch audio output to mono… many people these days (hackers… makers… tinkerers etc) are adapting/building/converting music players and internet radios. sometimes it is necessary to have all of your beautiful volumio powered sound playing on just one speaker. Some of the great transistor radio hacks I have seen recently have involved gutting the original single speaker because of having to install two speakers in the same space…

this might only be a small part of the Volumio community but it would add some great functionality to what is already a great product!

fingers crossed!


Looking for the same option. I want to build a small Volumio powered speaker which uses mono output.

Build one, it’s easy and cheap. Here is an example:

You can use higher values for the resistors (10k, 22k).

Thanks Stephane!!
That’ll do for my setup

Although I do think it might be an interesting feature allowing this in the software too for other tinkerers.

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It should really be possible to mono mix without hardware. I was told by a sound engineer at work to never sample to mono after software stage. He said to keep sound fidelity, sound must be downmixed to mono in software before the hardware step.


sorry for bringing up this thread again, but I also believe this can be useful. I would like to use volumio as multiroom audio, and given mono sound will be enough, and also some rooms (if not all) will only have 1 speaker, I would like to be able to have 2 mono outputs from one raspberry, and also to be able to control volume of both speakers individually.

I was thinking on using 1 raspberry pi with the Hihiberry AMP+ to power 2 speakers in different rooms, being able to play at different volumes (one can be 0) and also maybe being able to play different songs (as I supose it is really easy with a raspberry pi 3 given the extra compute power)


If you want a software solution, let’s try the plugin volstereo2mono !
It very fresh, and feedback are welcome ! :wink:
Download the zip file github.com/balbuze/volumio-plug … o2mono.zip
Drop it in volumio plugin installation page, enable and it’s done ! :smiley:
You may have to reboot if no sound!
Can’t work with softvol !

It is a BETA version and may not work as expected