optimize compiler-flags for mpd?

are the any special instructions for the rpi-cpu?
I compiled with:

./autogen.sh --disable-ipv6 --enable-ffmpeg --disable-fifo --disable-recorder-output --disable-httpd-output --disable-oss --disable-lame-encoder --disable-vorbis-encoder --enable-wave-encoder --enable-iso9660
Should I add some compiler-flags for the rpi? Or does autogen.sh set them? TIA

No, to my knowledge there aren’t… I just left out what could be avoided to make it more lightweight…

Why no IPv6? that won’t affect anything, it’s just a free feature you are taking out.

./configure --disable-ipv6 --disable-fifo --disable-recorder-output --disable-httpd-output --disable-oss --disable-lame-encoder --disable-vorbis-encoder --disable-wave-encoder --enable-iso9660 --disable-twolame-encoder --disable-jack

mpc.zip (19.8 KB)
mpd.zip (181 KB)

./configure --enable-zzip --with-zeroconf=no --disable-ipv6 --disable-un --disable-nfs --disable-smbclient --enable-mikmod --disable-mpg123 --disable-fifo --disable-recorder-output --disable-httpd-output --disable-jack --disable-ao --disable-oss --disable-openal --disable-pulse --disable-roar --disable-shout --disable-flac-encoder --disable-lame-encoder --disable-opus --disable-vorbis-encoder --disable-wave-encoder

If you use more optimisations you risk to break the software (or to get wrong audio out…) and only to get what? 2% less CPU usage.
I would go for “-O3” without anything else.
Going further should be done only after checking the CORRECTNESS of the audio output generated by mpd.