Optical digital input


I’m planning to build a Volumio box and I’m currently looking at getting a DACBerry ONE+ because it has optical input. My planned setup is the following:

  • Volumio Box using DACBerry ONE+
  • Analog receiver getting the output from the box
  • AN LG 65UF8509 TV outputting digital audio via TOSLINK to the DACBerry ONE+
  • Apple TV connected to the LG TV
  • Several gaming consoles connected to the LG TV

Things I haven’t found any information on, or would like some help/advice with:

  1. Can Volumio or a DAC somehow be configured to get input from optical digital? I would assume so, because that would be the point of using a DAC in the first place :smiley: Are there any problems combining this with streaming features such as AirPlay or Spotify Connect, i.e. will they step on each others toes? Can Volumio help here or is it purely a Linux/ALSA thing?

  2. Are there any other good ways of getting the audio out of the TV? It doesn’t have any analog output as far as I can tell, so I can’t connect it directly to an analog receiver

A backup plan would be to get a receiver with a bulit-in DAC as well, but since I will have a Volumio box with a proper DAC on I would rather avoid it and get a better analog receiver.

Anyone have experience with similar setups? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

In MyVolumio, we are about to release a new functionality which will allow you to listen to any input you have, so in this case even an optical, USB or SPDIF input :wink:
This new feature will be released end of this month

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Ah, I’m sad to hear it will only be a paid feature.

Does Volumio take control of the DAC completely? Can I somehow wire up the audio devices so that optical digital in is heard on analog out while Volumio can still play its sounds?

We are able to add lots of new functionalities thanks to the revenues generated by MyVolumio, that’s why it’s paid.

No, you can’t have 2 simoultaneous audio streams :wink:

This feature sounds more and more tempting. How would it work if you listen to one source (let’s say Spotify Connect) and then get input from another (let’s say Optical In)? Does it merge or switch automatically or do you have to control it somehow?

You will press a button on the UI to switch to analog source, and it will switch to that no matter what you are listening to :wink:

Analog source?

Analog or digital

Excuse my ignorance, I’m new to Volumio :smiley: Is this available in the mobile app as well or just the web UI? Is there an API where this could be scripted, with, let’s say, Shortcuts on iOS?

Hi Michelangelo

referring to this new feature - digital and analogue inputs:

is this already integrated by now and part of the superstar plan ?

Will it be bossible to attach my Mytek DAC with USB 2.0 and Firewire then ?

I’m running Digione Signature n have couple of usb dacs. I have superstar subscription as well. How can i set it up?

Sadly we are lagging behind new features documentation

You can get a USB soundcard that supports inputs (for example focusrite ones)

Thanks @michelangelo . I checked them, I don’t need that much functionality. I just need to use another source in volumio from where I can play.

Can any USB dac with input will work?. Would really be helpful if you can give some examples n I still check them out

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This may be of interest:


Thanks lemme check

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Not sure if I can add this to Allo digione signature.

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It is designed to fit it between the RPi and a HAT (in your case the DigiOne board)

The user manual is available here:


The designer/manufacturer is extremely helpful. You can message him on DIYAudio, or email him iancanada.mail at gmail.com

Thanks a lot. I will contact the manufacturer

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Hi there I tried the myvolumio superstar subscription which gives you a 15 day free trail. Unfortunately Volumio still didn’t give me the option to select the Toslink input as an audio source. So I am not sure this option works for the DACBerry ONE+ which is a shame. The reason why I bought this HAT was so that I could use the raspberry Pi / Volumio for my local files and internet radio and hookup my Chromecast audio to the Toslink input so that my girlfriend can talk to the google home to play Spotify music.

did you make it work?