Opera Browser


I changed my browser from Google Chrome to Opera because i am absolutely fed-up with goggle’s appetite for my private data.
Now i can’t select items from the library (NAS & WEBRADIO) anymore - no pop-up to select. Can u pls. advise what’s wrong?

Opera for mobile? If yes disable opera turbo…


Sorry - no mobile browser. Opera Turbo not turned on.
It’s a regular Opera 12.16. No config changed. No Add-Ons installed.
Just a plain installation …

I can understand why Chrome and alike so popular. You install and they just work.
I was tempted many times before already to use Opera - but always returned to the
classics just because Opera didn’t work/displayed websites as expected.

Nevertheless it would be great if Volumio users can have a working solution right from
the beginning w/o the need to reconfigure … :wink:

opera for everything but pc and mac uses a sort of proxy to compress the pages and make them faster to show, this means you can’t access local address. a workaround is to route your volumio ip on the internet and access it from your public ip but if you care about your privacy this is not a solution :slight_smile:

I’m having the same problem trying to use opera to access volumio from my old iphone 2g because the actual volumio webguis isn’t compatible with opera.

an off topic word: if you really care about your privacy consider your ISP knows everything about your traffic, before google or everyone else. you can try TOR but you pay a better privacy (not absolute privacy) with a bad connection slowdown.