OpenVPN on top of Volumio

Hello Guys,

i need your help. I am a linux noob …
I’m trying to install an open vpn server ontop of volumio but i have some problems.
I used a guide for Raspbian and the VPN connection works fine from my smartphone.
But when i’m connected to my vpn every web address always links me directly to my volumio webinterface.

I think it’s because volumio redirect all incoming requests from all ports to the port 3000 for volumio.
When i’ trying the remove the redirection in the /etc/iptables.rules the volumio webinterface is loading endless…
If i set back the all redirection to port 3000 the webinterface is working again.

Do you have any solutions ?
I like Volumio but i wanna use the pi as an open vpn server, too. With raspbian vpn works fine but without the music features of volumio :frowning:

Maybe you can help me ?

Thanks and sorry for my english - i’m from germany :wink:

I have the exact same issue! Any suggestions?

Did you ever find a solution?


Interesting approach. May i kindly ask for what this is useful ?

Best Regards

In my case, I want my kids living outside the US to have access to my cable account. They can only do that if they can show my IP address - VPN stuff, I think. We had Slingbox, but they seem to be disappearing.

For accessing the music library (on Synology NAS) over the internet. I have a mediocre LTE internet connection (low upload speeds), while the NAS is attached to a fast fiber-optic internet (at a different location).