Openmediavault NAS mounted, permission denied!

I think I have i similar problem. My volumio2 runs on an RPi3. My music collection ist stored on an OMV NAS. There is an folder named “iTunes” within all music is. I have configured a share with nfs. Now I can mount share on volumio webpage, an the green tick is shown. But no music is shown. If I use ssh terminal, mounting ist ok. With user volumio, I can open the share and see all my music. If i use shell cmd “service mpd status”, there is an permission denied error. What is wrong in my configuration?

So you can see all your music in /mnt/NAS/yourmountname? What happens when you click on scan/update? Could you run ‘journalctl -f’ just before scanning and see what it outputs? No idea about the permissions thing … that command works fine on my setup.

Hi, thanks for the fast answer,
yes on terminal I can see all my music in mounting path. Nothing happens, if click on scan/update. The out of ‘journalctl -f’ is ‘No journal files were found.’ Output of ‘service mod status’ is the following:

volumio@volumio:~$ service mpd status
● mpd.service - Music Player Daemon
Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/mpd.service; enabled)
Active: active (running) since Mon 2017-01-30 11:15:33 UTC; 4min 11s ago
Main PID: 567 (mpd)
CGroup: /system.slice/mpd.service
└─567 /usr/bin/mpd --no-daemon

Jan 30 11:15:33 volumio systemd[1]: Started Music Player Daemon.
Jan 30 11:15:39 volumio mpd[567]: zeroconf: No global port, disabling zeroconf
Jan 30 11:15:39 volumio mpd[567]: errno: Failed to register /var/lib/mpd/music/NAS/iTunes: inotify_add_watch() has failed: Permission denied
Jan 30 11:16:04 volumio mpd[567]: client: [0] opened from ::ffff:
Jan 30 11:16:05 volumio mpd[567]: client: [1] opened from ::ffff:
Jan 30 11:19:41 volumio mpd[567]: errno: Failed to open ‘NAS/iTunes’: Permission denied

Sorry, you need to run ‘sudo journalctl -f’

It looks as though you don’t have the correct permissions set on your NAS for the Volumio device to access it.

journalctl -f , the output shows no problems. Yes I think it is an permission problem on my OMV NAS. Can someone tell me the right setup for OMV NFS and volumio?
In the configuration of OMV, I have the following setup:
Folder: iTunes IP: adress from raspberry with volumio Option: ro, no_subtree_check, insecure
Should I write there some other options?

On my Synology NAS I have to set NFS client devices IP address permissions i.e. I set a range of IP addresses that my NAS will accept requests from (not sure if this is what you mean by: “IP: adress from raspberry with volumio”).

Perhaps you might have some luck if you ask on the OMV forums. I did see one post with a similar problem here:

related to GID/UIDs.

Now, I could solve the problem. The UID of user mpd on my NAS and raspi, has to be the same. Thank you!!!