Now there are many of us that like to create their own things, i am one of them. Out of pure curiosity, I ordered 2 * Muses3 from mouser (do not, repeat do not order things like this from ebay or aliexpress) and did not expect what happened. These things are better than what i have tried so far, including discrete opamp desings. Of course all your other things need to be of highest quality as well. But then you are in for the treat. Also good (and much cheaper) the new OPA828 but if you want the last mile try the muses.

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that is already a known thing that you if you read online you see on many sites.
go muses otherwise you will get cheap ripp-offs (aliexpress versions).
i was looking for them for my pc card :slight_smile:

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i bought cheap ones and they where gone in a while went back to my old ones
they sound better :slight_smile:

this is my sound card for my pc

ASUS Xonar Essence STX II

ASUS AV100 High-Definition Sound Processor
TI Bur-Brown PCM1792A DAC
Uitgangen: 1x 6,3mm jack, 2x RCA (ongebalanceerd), S/PDIF coaxiaal.
Ingang: 1x 6,3mm jack.

sorry man, i accidently deleted my old post, here it is

yes but it seems people still not get it if you see how many sites sale cheap muses:) A muse is a goddess (greek history) so needs to be praised :wink: Mouser and similar it is. It seems that these things get better and better as they are used, how long did you have yours and what is your experience dvo?

nice card btw, do try an original muse

yes it sounds good for a pc card :slight_smile: one of the golden oldies i reworked only the skin to match the card :slight_smile: asus made the skin with a big asus logo and removed some buttons mutch nicer look