Onscreen keyboard plug in for Volumio 3

It used to be on number two but no longer exists and my touchscreen is missing it! When might it be available again please?

There is still no good Way to do it for volumio 3.xx
But we are still looking for a solution ( aka @gvolt is.)

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EDIT: actually you cannot install from the chrome web store anymore, but this post solves it providing all the needed commands to isntall the onscreen keyboard from sources:

hi @Wheaten , the above solution doesn’t seem to work anymore. When I get to the Web Chrome Store, all Virtual Keyboard extension require Chromium to be updated, and cannot be installed on the current shipping version of Chromium (whihc is 92.0.4515.98 in the last Raspberry Volumio OS).

Does anybody know how to get the extension installed on the shipping chromium version? I couldn’t really understand or find out (I’m a bit of a noob) how to update the shipping chromium itself.