One Raspberry 2 rooms


I’m building a home audio system that will use 3 Raspberry Pi model 3, all of them with a dac with integrated amplifier.

I want to use at least 2 of them in mono and independent volume control of the 2 channels (my intention is to use them with one speaker on each room ceiling, so I will be able to listen something in one room or the other or both simply by controlling the volume,

I see these possible solutions:

modify volumino to run mono, get 2 volume controls in the web UI or volume + balance

start 2 instances of volumio in the same device, each one controlling one channel in mono (this way each room would have it’s own control, really nice if able to select it in multiroom)


I add here more information:

My intention is to buy hifiberry AMP+ board, connect all the boards using ethernet wire, and probably power them up and down using a remote relay.

Any help will be appreciated, thanks

Really? no replies?
Thi is the community support?

Is it not a simple question for an specialist?



there are two plugins, Volstereo2mono! ==>> volumio-plugins-collection-t6251-20.html#p41001
snapcast! ==>> volumio-plugins-collection-t6251-10.html#p35125 // multiroon sync // edit: not sure you want to sync

hope this solve your problem.

edit: you can controll the volume over mixer software for each room. but that affects the sound quality