One power cord solution to Allo Mini-Boss + D Class Amp?

Hi all;

I have a Mini-Boss DAC with Raspberry Pi Zero W and a TPA311602 amplifier module(this one:, DAC and Raspberry Pi Zero request 5V-2A power input and Amplifier request 12-24 Volt - 5-6A so is there anyway to combine the power input from one cord. I want to make a box all of them together and using only one adapter, a voltage converter could work or it cause to noise?

Any suggestion would help.

Thanks in advance.

Assuming you use something like a laptop PS to give ~19v in to the amp, then you’d need an isolated power converter, such as the one below, to prevent ground loops.

I use a couple in exactly the way you require, with success.

Thanks a lot for advise.

Actually I changed my mind and decided to use an atx power supply, it has separate 12V and 5V output, 12V is 18A so that’s pretty enough I think, but one last problem about that, power supply could effect amplifier board if I placed it near or top of power supply?