One More Canadian

Another here from the west coast of Canada. Purchased a Primo to replace my Roon setup running on my Mac Mini 1. I wanted something that would run on it’s own not relying on a computer or any other device or paying an annual fee (which can change at any moment). The Volumio Primo fits my bill.

After a month of using the Primo, I am very happy with my purchase. I find it simpler to use than Roon and I can use the internal DAC of output to my Yamaha R-N1000A’s DAC. All my music is on a USB 3 drive. I can drag and drop files directly to it from my Mac.

I really enjoy the sound stage the Primo provides on my system with JBL 100 Classics and 2 - REL T9x subwoofers. Just listening bliss when you get everything dialed.


Thanks for reporting back to us. Really appreciated.