On fly PCM to DSD256/512 conversion with re-sampling


I have LKS Audio DAC that can accept DSD format.

On my desktop PC, I’m connecting via USB and using foobar to play mp3 where foobar converts PCM to DSD512 using delta/sigma converter and outputs to DAC. Everything works perfectly fine.

Now, I would like to do the same on Odroid C2 in Ubuntu in MPD player.

I’m connecting Odroid C2 via USB via XMOS U8 to DAC. XMOS U8 chip can receive DSD signal. Everything works perfectly fine when using PCM. Alsa/MPD/Pulseaudio can output 32bit/192Khz with SRC re-sampling at best quality setting.

So the question, Is there any way to configure MPD/Alsa/Pulseaudio to convert PCM to DSD before sending to XMOS ?

If the answer is no,

Does Alsa/Pulseaudio support re-sampling to more than 192Khz ? XMOS U8 can receive PCM up to 384Khz.