Olivier, newb :)

Hi all !

I received my Pi yesterday, and thought it would be nice to come and say hello in person :slight_smile: (so to speak).

I’m 33, from France, former amateur classic music player (mostly viola and piano). These days with job/wife/kids, there’s no time to go back to playing (and less energy) but a lot off listening to great records… which is where Volumio comes :slight_smile:

My hifi gear is more or less complete (I’m not a “always more” kind of guy) so now I turn my attention to having a good computer source. (i’m using my HTPC currently, with an ok USB out, but having a wife-friendly configured PC for hifi is not the best way I know it can work…

After all the troubles I heard about the RasPi’s USB ports, I was hopeless to be able to give it a try, but the HifiBerry guys gave the exact right answer I needed. I still haven’t received my Hifiberry Digi yet, but I’ll be sure to give you a review. (for the moment it’s HDMI–> TV --> Optical to the ST200).

For the time being, I’ll mostly be asking questions in the software part of this forum :slight_smile: