Old amp parts

Hi Guys

Very very new to Volumio. What a great bit of software.
Been into Raspberry Pis for years and only the second project I have really enjoyed with it and that actual worked as stated.

My IQaudIO Pi-DAC PRO is on its way to me as we speak and should arrive this morning.

My question is a little strange and maybe this in not the right place to ask it but will move if I have to.

I have a Denon AV Receiver that has some blown channels or something wrong with it. I never really liked the sound out of the thing and have gone back to an old Yamaha amp I have that I love and always will love. Because I dont enjoy the sound of the Denon and I now want to build something special with Volumio, I was wondering if I could use parts out of the Denon to help with my project.

First up I am thinking about the power supply. I assume it would be quite clean and if I can get a 5v out of it, might be worth looking into. Good or bad idea, am I just going to end up blowing myself up?

Will look at what components like connectors etc I can save and reuse.