Offline NAS cause slow startup time ?

Hi all !

I’ve got a slow booting issue for the system .

The system usually takes 1.5 minutes for a normal cold start . However , after I added a new mounting point to another NAS , which is not always online , the system increased the boot time to 3-4 minutes . Is there any method to minimize the seek time for a offlined NAS ?

Thanks very much !

Kurz Cheng

Hi Kurz
Sorry, can’t help but I have just posted something similar. When my NAS (on windows desktop) goes offline (as computer switches to "sleep"mode) something goes wrong and I lose my web interface connection with the pi. I need to reboot through ssh with the NAS back online.
Hope you get it sorted.

HI lan ,

Thanks for your comment . It seems that it takes a little bit time to let your computer return to normal and resume function . Too bad my backup NAS (not always online) takes too long to startup or reset . That’s why I wish to know if it it possible to skip NAS seeking procedure .


Hi guys,

we all seem to have similar problems, see my post about remounting shares.
I figured out that volumio has problems if during it’s awake the NAS with the music goes to deep sleep/turns off. If you take a look at the network traffic at the point after the NAS went to sleep, you will see that volumio sends out ARP packages. He tries to figure out, what happened to the share. After some time it gives up and dismounts the share.
If you then start the NAS, I do this by sending a WOL from volumio to my NAS, the playback can not start until you remount your shares. In my case I remount the shares over the same script that woke up the NAS.

I would be great to have an option inside volumio to send a WOL and then remount, it would be cleaner. But my hack works as well and plays a nice starting sound to let you know that the NAS was off, until you wait for playback :slight_smile:!



Thanks for your reply - you are way ahead of me when it comes to Linux and scripts etc. Any chance you could post your script (instructions for usage - idiot proof) would also be appreciated. You are right, it is not the ideal solution and will still require input via ssh which is what I am trying to avoid (so that my family can use volumio too) but it would save me having to reboot the pi and I would learn something at the same time!
Thanks again,