Official Rpi 7" screen, touch function always active even screen off, and other defects!

Hello everyone.
When I used with the “2” versions of volumio installed on a “PI-3B” added to an official 7" screen, I reported the following faults:

  • Touch function of the screen always active even when the screen is off, which often led to activating a touch function without knowing it when touching the screen to wake it up. To my knowledge, this problem has never been solved on the “2” versions of Volumio!!!
    Alas on version “3” of Volumio, the problem is unfortunately still present!!! Is there anything that can be done to fix this malfunction?
  • Another problem, on versions “2” with official 7" screen there was a “plugin” to generate a very practical “Tactyle” keyboard for performing searches, unfortunately on version “3” this “Plugin” seems to no longer exist !!! would it be possible to put it back in the list of “Plugins” of version “3”, that would be nice !!!
  • Last point, the “random” reading function struggled to work on the “2” versions, unfortunately the problem is still the same on the “3” version, its operation is still very “random” too!!!
    Good day to all.

Keep in mind that only V3 is supported, V2 is not supported anymore.

  • Please move this question to: [PLUGIN] Touch Display
    The touch functionality will always be enabled, (even when the backlight is turned off) otherwise you can’t get the screen active anymore.
    I guess your remark relates to that when the display is off, the first touch should awake the backlight not perform a selection?
  • For V3 I have found a work around. Please look at: Working virtual keyboard in Volumio3 with Touch Plugin - #12 by Wheaten
  • What you mean with random reading function?

Hello, thank you for your quick response!!!
I am well aware that “V2” is no longer supported, it was just a reminder of what I had seen on “V2”.
I am well aware that the touch function must remain active even with the backlight off, however in my opinion and to avoid activating (without even seeing it) a function pad by mistake, it would be wise that only the function screen alarm clock is active!!!
The screen once awake, so yes the other touch functions could be accessible!!!
For the “random” function, the case encountered very often is that this function is normally in “on / off” mode as many times as desired and all the time when playing music, but also once a playlist has been launched, unfortunately it very often happens that it remains “on” blocked without the possibility of deactivating it, it even happened sometimes that I had to restart “Volumio” for it to be deactivated!!!
OK, I’ll move my topic to the correct section.

Not the complete topic, just the first question as that one is related to a plugin. Leaving it here it would be overseen by the plugin owner and I think it’s a valid remark :wink:

Can you have a look at the random remark?