Official 7" touchscreen vanished

Hi all,

I have several set-up on Volumio3 + RP4+ DAC + official 7" touchscreen.
Recently I am unable to use the touchscreen on one of those systems. It doesn’t display anything, jsut as if it was not running.
I have cheked to power supply, the connexion, the screen itself…
Can’t find a way to debug this.
I am wondering if I forgot a simple parameter or equivalent that would disable the screen…

should work out of the box , what do you see on your screen really nothing or only text?
if so re enable the touch display plugin

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I will desinstall and reinstall the plugin. I see nothing at all. Is there a way to see if the screen is actually working even if not displaying anything?

Does the screen work on one of your other systems?

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@Baptiste normal you will see something on your screen it sounds like or a broken screen,
or the dsi cable lose / power cable but what simonE says test it on a other device and see if it shows there

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Hi there,
I will dismount the screen and test it on another set-up to see if it is working or not.
I have tested the cables incl a direct power supply from the PI with no success.
I am afraid it is broken…