Odroid XU4 & Dac

I’m looking for a board, instead of the crap that I’ve taken, the banana pi m2u, which fails to make it work with volumio, I’m interested in the board in question, as it has the usb3 port, for connect a hd ssd, but this time before I buy it I want to inform you well, in the manual I read that “Is there an I2S port to connect a HiFi DAC? No”, but on this board you can connect dac is2 via jumper.

the Odroid XU4 is unsupported. Though the experimental version now has a very rudimentary I2S driver (limited to 16bit) there is not enough demand for it to put it on our list and is not considered suitable for normal Volumio use.
I have not tested the i2s driver yet, so do not know if it actually works.
Also, to connect to the i2s pinout on the board you will need a level-shifter as these pins are 1.8v, not 3.3v
I believe, that for your purpose, other boards will be a better fit.

We have not finished the build yet, but the Rock64 board could become a very promising alternative, it has a very potent usb3.0 port (supposedly better than the XU4 one).
I estimate, it will take another 4-6 weeks before we have all bits working, then we will decide whether it will be supported.


Hi, I thank you for the information, but in the end I decided to take a Raspberry pi3 and go to something higher when an integrated SATA board with a good community and support will be available.

Thanks for the work you do for the community.

Any news on the Rock64 support ? Thx.

does that have any relation with XU4???
Please put your question in the proper place and don’t pollute this thread

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Im new to Volumio and Linux :slight_smile:, im managed to install volumio 2 on both Odroid XU3 and Odroid XU4, i also managed to get the sound to be played out of the HDMI after setting up Pulse audio, my question here is is there anyway i can get the sound to play through the 3.5mm jack on the Odroid XU3 as i would like to build and headless music player with the XU3, so far iv only managed to get it to play through the HDMI on both boards.

Unfortunately there is no way I can help you with an XU3, I have an XU4, which does not have the audio jack.
There is no use for me investing any additional time in a platform that was not supported because of lack of demand.
I do plan to lift the XU4 version to the latest release though, but it won’t have any XU3-specific additions and I have not set a date for it yet.
Really sorry, but that is the way it is. We can’t support all devices out there

@gkkpch Do you have a link to the unofficial support sources ? I’m curious as to what’s needed to make that complete. We have a high performance audio application that would benefit from the added computational power of the XU4.


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Hi Bill,

Ref Volumio’s github repo
There is nothing in there covering I2S as I could not be bothered ( too basic, only 16-bit support and you need a level-shifter, see odroid forums)
I have not built an image with it for ages, but it should still work.
XU4 works perfectly with USB DACs though.

– Gé –