Odroid-VU5 touch screen?

I have successfully installed Touchscreen plugin and connected Odroid-VU5 display through HDMI and USB to RPi 3. When power it on, I can only see some strange “noise” on the screen. Volumio works fine and can control it using iPad, but no screen on the Odroid display. Tried different restarts, different USB ports on RPi, re-installing the plugin, but no success. Does anybody uses RPi3 + Volumio + Odroid-VU5 + touchscreen plugin?

Did you set the screen resolution to 800x480?

Actually no - how should I do it?

I just followed the process described here: volumio.org/raspberry-pi-displa … ic-player/

I can see touchscreen plugin active in Volumio, but when I check setting in plugin menu, it js empty - “No settings available”. Are there any parameters to be set in settings for touchscreen plugin? if so, I don’t see it there

This is PI specific issue and needs to be configured in /boot/config.txt
You probably find all the information here
If you do not find one that fits exactly, you need to take the closest one and use overscan to fine tune

Excellent! It works - I modified (added) hdmi parameters into /boot/config.txt and I can see the screen now. Looks really good on a 5 inch screen.

The next question is how to make touch screen live? It seems to work like a display now, but no response to touching the screen (while playing a skng through Volumio)
Any ideas?



Any progress?

Looking to use a touchscreen myself, but so far no luck. If yours works perhaps I’ll skip a lot of work and just buy that one (A)