Odroid C1 3.5" Touchscreen issue (possible fix?)

The 3.5" Odroid touchscreen does not work with the C1/C1+. Odroid posted this when trying to solve it not working on my C1+

Here is the thread…

forum.odroid.com/posting.php?mod … 8&p=170597



working on it. The driver has already been included, for the flexfb rotation issue I downloaded the latest kernel source from their github.
I hope to get a new image done for a quick test today (to see the rest is still working, I have no 3.5" touch screen).
If the image is OK, I willl ask Michelangelo to release a new C1 version.

Note: on the new version you will find /etc/rc.local calling /usr/local/bin/c1.init.sh to initialise hdmi/ framebuffer.
You may have to adapt (or replace) that script for your own purposes.
Then, when you’re done and it is working, it would be great if you could add a post in “Guides” (Help & troubleshooting section) :slight_smile: