Odd issues with Volumio3

Volumio 3 Issues?

Having now got Volumio3 up and running I have a couple of issues.
My hardware is Pi3B+ and IQaudio PiDigiAmp+
I have found that the volume level using V3 is around 30% lower than with V2.
I have made the settings in V3 exactly the same as settings in V2
As I still have my V2 on an SD card, I can swap between V2 & V3 easily. By playing the same music track and setting volume at the same on each version the lower volume in V3 is definitely there.
Any help or ideas?
The other problem I have is the lack of plugins for the rotary encoder which I use for volume control and the and GPIO pins plugin which I use for Safe shutdown (gpio 26) and play/pause.
I understand that a lot of time has and will be spent on the plugins and I thank those involved with development. Is there something I can do in the meantime to at least use the Pin 26 shutdown.


a temporary workaround for the rotary encoder plugin

sudo apt -y install build-essential
cd ~
wget https://github.com/7h0mas-R/volumio-plugins/raw/c64f991c53947be3dff8d5912f0fe7a73ca10c52/plugins/user_interface/rotaryencoder2/rotaryencoder2.zip
mkdir ./rotaryencoder2
miniunzip rotaryencoder2.zip -d ./rotaryencoder2
cd rotaryencoder2
volumio plugin install
## wait for installation to be finalized ##
cd /data/plugins/user_interface/rotaryencoder2/
npm install --save onoff@6.0.0

Many thanks for that.
I installed it and sort of got it working. I still need to get GPIO buttons working.
I think for now I’ll carry on with V2 until I build my new set-up. I understand that the plugins are going to be a lot of time and work for the devs. and it is certainly beyond my scope.

Thanks again for your help.

IMHO it was never a good option.

This might be due to the driver: we use a more recent kernel in V3.
For this, you’ll better ask to IQAudio. There might be a setting in the alsa driver (with amixer) which can set the amp gain.
Let us know

Re: Volume level.
Thanks for the info. I have just looked at the info supplied and found a reference to a jumper which gives a gain of either +20db (default setting) or +26db. I have now set it to +26db and this has given me a good increase.
Many thanks again.