Occasional Popping + Menu tab loading


Any ideas - Running the latest (2.246) build on a RP3 using USB audio out to an Arcam rDAC. Playing mostly 16/44.1 Flac, plus a few lower quality mp3/wma files Really happy with the result, except I am getting occasional popping in the speakers. seems to stop when you pause the track and re-start it, and perhaps close to the time tracks change. buffer is set to 8mb/10%.

Have found discussion on this before, but for older versions of Volumio. not an issue for with the files as I have been using these with other media players for some time with no issue.

Also, quite often the menu tabs are not loading correctly across the bottom (using chrome). instead of just saying browse, playback etc, they show as common.tab_browse

any ideas?


I experienced a similar popping between tracks / during network activity with a Pi3 / IQ Audio DAC / wired ethernet. It seemed to be absent during playback, but reached a peak when you did anything that would cause network activity - adding a new song to be played etc. and then settled back when nothing was happening.

I eliminated my power-line broadband (tried a direct wire to the home hub - no difference), the Netgear ethernet adapter (tried different make with different PSU), and the type of ethernet cable used (tried 3 different makes / designs - no difference) and the Pi3 power supply (tried 2 x switched and 1 x linear - no difference) as the causes. I contacted IQ Audio in case it was a crosstalk / shielding issue, but they had never encountered this problem before. Then I found that the interference went when I unplugged the ethernet cable from the Pi3, and moved over to wifi-only control of Volumio.

So, I never got to the root of the problem, but if you are using a wired ethernet connection, maybe see if the popping stops when you disconnect the ethernet as it did for me?