Nwe GUI V3 - Part of the 3-point menu is covered

I noticed a small bug in the new Volumio GUI V3. It’s not tragic, but maybe you can eliminate it with one of the next releases.

If you want to select an album on the left side over the 3-points a function, for example “Replace queue …”, part of the 3-point menu is covered by the left black menu bar of the main menu.
See photo.

It affects all sorts of choices, local albums, Artist, as well as the selection in Qobuz - always on the left.
The columns further to the right work perfectly.

Maybe you can improve that.


I noticed a similar (or, the same?) bug, when the contents are shown in a short list:
Screenshot at 2019-09-09 10-54-05.png

This is on Firefox (69.0) on Ubuntu Mate (18.04)

Same problem here. It occurs both on my phone (Firefox + Chrome) and my laptop/desktop (Firefox + Edge). Everything’s fine when using the old GUI.

Is this being looked into? It’s a major problem for me. I often queue complete albums, which has become neigh impossible now that I a) need to to queue them song-by-song, or b) need to find them in a gigantic album list.

It would be nice if the audio quality (sampling frequency and bitrate) are also displayed.
Is this also possible to retrofit?


Thanks for the great work, the new GUI is really much better!
It would be nice if in Qobuz the track numbers are displayed in the queue.
On the local music collection (my Flacs) the track numbers has been newly installed and that’s great!


I can confirm that the 3-point menu from “BROWSE music as files” is covered in some cases :

  • if the number of items in the list are 4 or less, the menu is shown at a top of clicking point ( menu invocation point) - so it is hidden by upper - home, back, grid - bar.

  • if the number of items ( albums for example) are more that 4 ( 5, 6, …) the menu is shown below clicking point - so it is visible.

This is true for android volumio application, as for chrome browser on Windows.
volumio version is : 2.619 on odroid C2

Solved in the new version. Thanks!