Nuprime Dac 10H DSD Support

I use Project Streambox S2 ultra as Roon bridge with Nuprime Dac 10H
Dsd Support îs not detected in Roon

Same Isuse was prezent in Ropiee
2019/12/14 (386)
  • FIX: native DSD back again for the NuPrime DAC-10(H)
  • FIX: waiting very long on boot while on WiFi
  • FIX: WiFi USB adapters are not configured properly
  • IMPROV: filter out double entries on WiFi selection
  • IMPROV: bump Linux kernel for Pi 4

Please fix it, i don’t find options to report bugs on Project site.
If you need logs please reply, I don’t find any option to access logs in Streambox.
The issue is reported also here

Thank you