Now playing Visualization

I’ve seen this brought up a bunch when I searched but couldn’t find an actual answer. I’m trying to find out if there is some way to have a visualization on the Raspberry Pi Official Touchscreen while music is playing instead of just the static screen or dimming/turning it off. Something like the old Winamp ones, or album art or anything other than just the normal screen.

 The WebUI is just tedious to me and I despise having to control things through an app or web browser on another device but I am definitely in the minority there. I'm guessing that's why there is no visualization built in because it's rather pointless on anything other than a local display. I'm curious as to what other users with local displays are doing in this regard and if they are just turning it off or just leaving it on the normal screen as I'm beginning to think I may have to resign myself to one or the other. If I had the slightest inkling as to how to go about creating one I would happily get to it and share it but, unfortunately for me, I don't. 

 Thanks in advance for any help or replies.

sorry but what do you mean by “visualization”?
if you mean displaying the webUI, just install the official plugin “touch display plugin”.

No, not the WebUI. As I explained, I am looking for something to be played on the screen while the music is playing instead of just the static GUI, just like most of the music players for Windows have. Clementine has the feature but I would like to have a complete program like Volumio, instead of having to run Clementine through Raspbian and needing to go through a desktop environment to get to the music player. Volumio honestly has every single thing I am looking for except this so if either I’m just not finding it or there is some way to institute it through a plugin/module or something, like with the Official Pi Touchscreen itself, it would be the absolute perfect solution for me. Either way, thank you for your reply.